Cảnh Báo Rủi Ro: CFD là công cụ đầu tư phức tạp chứa đựng rủi ro mất tiền nhanh do đòn bẩy. 75% tài khoản của nhà đầu tư cá nhân thua lỗ khi giao dịch CFD trên Tickmill UK Ltd. Bạn nên cân nhắc về việc hiểu cơ cấu hoạt động của CFD cũng như bạn có thể chấp nhận rủi ro cao trong việc mất tiền.

Futures & Options Pricing

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Commissions and Trading Fees
Standard Contract


Micro Contract


Contract Specifications
**Source data: this content has been derived from CME, COMEX, CBOT, NYMEX and EUREX exchanges as at 16/12/2020. These details are updated by the various Exchanges so for up to date information please check on Exchange websites. Tickmill UK Ltd will not accept any liability for contract specific information, this table will be updated on a periodic basis.

Futures & Options Account
Yêu Cầu Kỹ Quỹ Phí Giao Dịch Từ Phí Vé Tối Thiểu Giờ Giao Dịch Sàn Loại Lệnh Giao Dịch Tối Thiểu Từ Nạp Tối Thiểu
$0.85 Zero Theo giờ giao dịch của Nhà Cung Cấp. CME, NYMEX, COMEX, CBOT, EUREX MARKET, LIMIT, STOPS, ICEBERG*, BRACKET*, OCO*, SYNTHETICS 1 hợp đồng $1,000
*As per exchange availability.
What are
Futures & Options Commissions?
When you buy and sell futures and options contracts, commission is paid to your broker for connecting you to the Exchange. This allows you to place trades and the broker will provide a daily trading statement. For this service the broker will charge you a commission.
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What does
‘all-in’ pricing mean?
In short, all-in pricing is all of the fees that come with a trade, giving you the overall cost of executing a single trade! So, lets look at a small breakdown to see what is included with the ‘all-in’ pricing:

Exchange Fees: Also known as pass-through fees, these are assigned by a futures exchange in return for passing through your trades.

National Futures Association Fees: Brokers are required to pay a fee to the NFA, and so this will be added onto the cost of the trade. It’s normally around $0.02 per side.

Clearing Fees: When you place a trade, there is always a clearing agent that settles trading accounts, clears the trade, reports data, maintains margins and more. Because of this responsibility, all traders must pay a clearing fee.

Order Routing Fees: Each time that you place an order through the CQG platform, the platform provider will assign a fee/lot for using the service to execute your trade. If you're a Tickmill client, then we cover this cost for you!

Commissions: This is what we charge our clients for the service we provide to connect them to the market, Support services and daily client statements.
Futures & Options Margin






When you begin to trade futures or options, you have to become familiar with the concept of margin. Quite simply, it’s a ‘down-payment’ needed to be able to buy or sell a futures or options contract.

The margin is set by the exchange and is based on the market volatility. So, if there is a high level of market volatility, there will be an increased margin requirement. This is because the margin is used to minimise the ‘counterparty’ risk and ensure that clearing members can meet their obligations to their customers.

Futures & Options Pricing

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