Cảnh Báo Rủi Ro: CFD là công cụ đầu tư phức tạp chứa đựng rủi ro mất tiền nhanh do đòn bẩy. 73% tài khoản của nhà đầu tư cá nhân thua lỗ khi giao dịch CFD trên Tickmill UK Ltd. Bạn nên cân nhắc về việc hiểu cơ cấu hoạt động của CFD cũng như bạn có thể chấp nhận rủi ro cao trong việc mất tiền.

CQG Platform

A flawless platform to Trade Futures & Options effortlessly!

Why trade with Tickmill’s
CQG Platform?
  • A seamless trading solution for access to Global markets; providing fast and reliable order routing via worldwide, co-located CQG hosted Exchange gateways.
  • Superior market data visualisation with easy to use features and over one hundred studies for extensive and informed technical analysis trading.
  • Tickmill developed, customisable, in-house trading platform profiles; created to suit your trading style and save valuable time setting up.
  • Desktop solutions for desk-based traders and a mobile app for those on-the-go.

CQG Connectivity

Aside from its extensive set of in-built features, the CQG platform enables you to connect with multiple additional tools.
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Tickmill’s Customised
Trading Dashboards
TM Default (T1)

Get full autonomy with our default skin; where you’re able to fully customize your trading environment to show the information, charts and everything else in a way that suits you. Tailor your environment like you tailor your trades.

TimeTrader Dash (T2)

With multiple time-frames available, our TimeTrader Dash equips you with the tools to identify developing trends. Designed to be streamlined yet informative, this dash provides direct trading from charts with an extensive account overview panel, keeping you ahead of the trend.

NewsTrader Dash (T3)

RSS News Feeds, market volume indicators, time zone gauges and so much more make our NewsTrader dash the ultimate market movement monitoring tool.

Scalper Dash (T4)

Our Scalper Dash enables traders to catch micro market movements effortlessly; while being equipped with a range of short-term charts, extensive instrument list, volume weighted average indicators and so much more.

OptionsTrader Dash (T5)

User-friendly while packing a seriously analytical punch, the OptionsTrade Dash takes your trading to the next level. Volume indicators show liquidity depth, simple switching between expirations and unlimited charting capabilities make this Dash the best option for your options.

Account Monitor (T6)

Exercise complete control over your account with our Account Monitor Dash, providing you with crucial information needed to make effective trading decisions. View working orders, open positions, margin levels, P&L, balance and more.

Key Features of CQG Platform
  • Robust cloud infrastructure compatible with any HTLM5 browser and Mobile.
  • Highly customisable interface with multiple page setup and windows linking.
  • Depth of Market (DOM) and unique Hybrid Order Ticket (HOT) application with automated Order Management.
  • Trade routing with 3rd Party applications, Quote Boards, Heatmaps and streaming RSS News feed.
  • Easy to use Option Chain dashboards.
  • Sophisticated charting capabilities with over 90 technical indicators and tools.


Looking for something specific?

Speak to our dedicated professional client services team for assistance with Futures and Options markets.

CQG Pricing

Platform Type
$ per filled order/contract
Platform Type
CQG Desktop
$25 / month
$ per filled order/contract
Platform Type
CQG QTrader
$75 / month
$ per filled order/contract
Platform Type
CQG Integrated Client
$525 + CQG Trading
$250 or CQG Spreader
$ per filled order/contract
Platform Type
CQG Mobile
$25 / month standalone (or free with any other trading package)
$ per filled order/contract
Tickmill clients do not pay $0.25 per filled contract giving you a potential saving of $495 per month.
cqg platform

Master the CQG Platform

Access CQG with ease using our manual to guide you through the installation process.

Start Trading Futures with Tickmill’s
CQG Platform



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Đăng nhập vào nền tảng CQG của bạn và bắt đầu giao dịch.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as your account has been approved and deposited your funds you will have the opportunity to review the trading platforms and the associated costs. Once you have selected your choice of platform we will send all relevant information to start trading. Please note that Tickmill clients do not pay the $0.25 execution cost.

Language selection is available on the login page of the trading platform.

After having been approved as a client you will be given access to your Client portal where you can select your CQG trading platform and live market data. To access your client portal simply click here.

No, but the CQG desktop version provides our clients with the ability to replicate most charts. If you need assistance please email us at [email protected]

Level 1 provides access to live 'top of book' prices (Best Bid and Best Ask). Level 2 or 'Market Depth Data' gives you access to the same real-time prices as Level 1 but also real-time market depth The 2nd, 3rd, 4th best bid and ask and so on. No data will be available until you make Market data choices when selecting your CQG platform.